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10 Tips to help you sell your property

10 tips for a perfect sales presentation of your property

#Tip 1 Create a neutral environment

Remove all the personal effect and decorations. The buyer wants to see your home as it is his own. It is important to create a neutral environment, it will help the buyer to seeing themselves living in it. It has to be neutral, but also it has to be clean. The buyer prefers to return to a clean house. 

#Tip 2 Right place for furniture

Remove redundant furniture, clothes and items in storage areas of your home. Buyers want to see the usable space in the wardrobe and in the storage areas. Do not place all the furniture against the wall. If furniture is placed away from the wall, the room will look larger and the space that you create is more user-friendly.

 #Tip 3 Lighting and atmosphere

Lightning is import when selling your property, it makes your house warm and it creates atmosphere. Turn all the lights on when having a visit, the lamps on the nightstand, bathroom lighting, lighting above the mirror and other shaded-lamps. Ensure that you have three types of lights; general lighting, task-lighting (below cabinets and reading light) and accent-lighting (table and wall).

 #Tip 4 Peace in the bedroom

Create a relax bedroom with luxury line and soft colours. The buyer must have the feeling that he/ she wants to stay in the bedroom. Decorate the bedroom with extra pillows, an extra bedspread, wall decoration etc.

 #Tip 5 cleaned kitchen

Ensure that the kitchen counter is empty, it gives a good first impression. A kitchen counter with all kinds of kitchen equipment is messy. The kitchen needs a lot of attention in the field of cleaning. The buyer must have the feeling that the kitchen is hygienic. Clean the floor, the kitchen counter and the kitchen cabinets.

 #Tip 6 A spa in your own house

The bathroom has to be clean also, ensure that all the consumables are out of side. For example toothbrushes, razor blades, shower gel, shampoo etc. The bathroom must give a spa feeling to the buyer. Decorate the bathroom with folded towels, candles and decorative baskets. Do not forget to clean your floor/ tiles, you can do this by polish the tiles. It looks like new after doing the polishing.

 #Tip 7 Letting it empty

When having a room or corner with a lot of items, clean it and let it empty. It is not unpleasant if there is an empty corner or a room. An unused corner in a room can be unpleasant for the buyer, you can replenish this corner with a piano or a reading corner.

 #Tip 8 Neutral colours

Use neutral colours in your house that is appreciated by a wide audience, so do not use bright colours. If you use neutral colours, then the room looks bigger. You can apply this on two different rooms, if you paint these rooms the same colour it looks like one big room.

 #Tip 9 Smell

A smell that you have to avoid is a musty smell. If you are not often present in the house that you are selling, it is possible that there arise a musty smell. To avoid this smell ventilate your house well before having a house visit.

 #Tip 10 Temperature

Ensure that there is a pleasant temperature in the rooms. The buyer must have the feeling that he/ she is home. Switch the air conditioning or heater on for a while, even if you do not use it often. It gives a pleasant feeling to the buyer. On a cold winter day just switch the heater on for a while, so it gets more pleasant inside then outside, the buyer gets a more positive mood.

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